This is a full list of common moving tips that you may find useful when moving. We are always adding new tips to this page.

Moving Tips

Moving services have been labeled an essential service in our province. Measures are being taken to protect against the spread of COVID-19. All offices and staff have hand sanitizer available. We’re closely following the guidance and advice from the Public Health Agency of Canada. We are still requesting bookings at this time. If you need to cancel please call or email us to reschedule the move.

Canada Post Tips

Canada Post offers services to have mail redirected to your new address (Mail Forwarding). As per MPI it is still mandatory to make your changes of address when you move. This service just makes redirecting your mail a lot easier and ensures you do not lose anything.

Moving Truck Parking Tips

Inform your building manager ahead of time when moving out or in. Best to book or require the elevator is reserved. Failure to do so results in delay and or reschedules and worst case fines.

Move Out Tips

  • When moving, inspect the buildings with managers to determine all existing scratches or damages on walls or floors. We recommend taking pictures of these damages.
  • Remove the nails or hooks and repair the walls as lots of people forget this step.