If you’re moving to Vancouver, Toronto, down the street, or literally across the country we want to be the team you choose to help you move. We plan direct, safe routes which ensure everything arrives at the destination on time. We have been doing this for over 20 years so all our drivers adhere to safety and regulations on long hauls as well as constantly adapting to road and weather conditions.

We strive to make long-distance moves stress-free as the move is not going to be completed in a couple of hours. Long hauls usually involve large distances across the country and leaving your belongings out of sight for days can be extremely stressful. Which is why we are here to help. Our team of skillful movers takes amazing care of your precious belongings. Leaving customers with confidence in long distance moves, and knowing that everything will arrive intact and on time.

Long Distance Specialists

We are one of the top Relocation companies in Winnipeg. We belong to a network of companies affiliated with Great Canadian Van Lines. Every long distance moves we do we register with Great Canadian Van Lines. (G.C.V.L.). What happens next is they will monitor every long distance happening that are booked with the 35 Canadian offices and are trying to get full loads from Point A to Point B to Pont C. etc. This ensures everyone on the 53-foot semi trailer shares in the cost of the truck the fuel, the driver, etc. Long distance moves are a little more complicated than local moves, but once again, this is what we do.

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Attention To Detail

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**All distances provided have been double checked by routes via Google Maps

Moving Across Canada Or Relocating to Winnipeg?

Riverbend Movers is a professional Long Distance Moving Company, ensuring your possessions are Relocated safely and securely from Point A to Point B.  Whether it’s from one house in Winnipeg to another in Winnipeg, or from a house in Winnipeg to Toronto, or Vancouver, or to anywhere, we got you moved! Is your move bigger than just around the corner, No problem! We are fully equipped to handle all long-distance moves, even international moves.

By the time your move has been completed, about 20 trained professional movers and office staff have had a part in your move. So Riverbend Movers can book your move to anywhere in Canada, and we can just as easily book your move to Winnipeg.

Moving is Our Business, so call us for any Long distance move inquiry.