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Office moving can be a pain, but our professional office movers can help make it a seamless process. Corporate accounts are a large part of our business. Whether you’re looking to relocate an employee or your company has elected to relocate you, call us to find out the special services we offer all corporate relocations.Riverbend Moving & Storage can help your business relocate to your new offices by offering the following services:

Office Moving Preparation

Our professional office movers can help with disassembling, packing and preparation of virtually anything you have in your office. Be it electronics (computers, monitors, photocopiers, etc), furniture (desks, filing cabinets, shelving units) or appliances and other specialty items. We are experienced in office and commercial moving and we bring that professional experience to every job, no matter how big or small, to help make it a seamless process.

Office Moving Supplies

We can provide boxes to help neatly pack everything and keep it organized. We can also provide covers for all of the office furniture to make sure they don’t get scratched or otherwise damaged. Last but not least we have all of the equipment necessary to make sure your office move is done efficiently and professionally, including dollies, straps and ramps.

Professional Office Moving

Our team of professionally trained office movers will help make sure your transition to your new office is as seamless as possible. We bring our experience and customer service oriented attitude to every one of our moves.

Office Setup Services

Do you need help assembling desks or making sure everything is exactly where you want it? Of course included in our moving service is delivering the items you want to their location, but sometimes when you’re putting everything away you make last minute changes to the floor plan and having our professional office movers there to help you move everything around can be of great help. If you’d like us to stick around until everything is perfect, let us know and we’d be happy to include this additional service in our quote.

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Whether you’re moving an entire floor of a building, the entire building or just a desk and a chair, Riverbend Moving & Storage will provide you with the quality professional service. Give us a call today!

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