Riverbend Movers

One of the top local moving companies in Manitoba. We have done over 3500 moves in 2016. That works out to an average of 15 moves per day, six days a week.

Local Moving Muscle

We have a crew of 30 men, 16 trucks, a 17,000 sq.ft. warehouse near the Winnipeg International Airport. Our Business is Moving. As one of Winnipeg’s Top Movers, what we do is Local moves, Storage, Office & Commercial Moves, and Long Distance Moves.

Winnipeg Trusted

We have grown a lot since we incorporated as a Business in 2004. We are a member of the Canadian Association of Movers, as well as the International Association of Movers. We can move you to anywhere in the World that you wish to relocate to.

Being a Mover

It is a lot more than just buying a truck, and calling yourself a mover. Most people thing about moving and get stressed out about just hearing the word. We thrive on it. We eat, sleep, think, and talk about moving all day at RiverBend Movers. We have the Sales staff to do the quotes, and arrange the services required, our Operations staff ensures you will know we are coming, the Van operator along with his helpers show up on time, and the Administrative staff ensure the charges are correct. So being a Quality Mover is more than just having a truck. Our staff is trained, experienced, and any issues are corrected.